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Is Brandon Scott Too Young Or Simply Incompetent?

Is Brandon Scott Too Young Or Simply Incompetent?

When produce at Walmart goes bad, what does management do? Remove and replace, right?

If we do this with fruits and vegetables, why not the Mayor? If Mayor Brandon Scott had over-promised and NOT delivered, shouldn’t we cut our losses and remove and replace him? I have lived in Baltimore for years and have seen Mayors come and go. One thing I know for sure is that this city seems to be cursed when it comes to Mayors. 

Brandon Scott is no different!

There are a couple of people that I have come to know in this city that tried as much as possible to ease my fears that he will be different. It didn’t take long before they started bitching about what a lousy job he was doing. Now the Mayor’s incompetence is a favorite topic at dinner tables. Those who are close to him have chosen to stay blind to everything concerning his office. Perhaps for the security of their jobs. They try as much as possible to remind all and sundry that he is still very young. 

Brandon Scott, Mayor of Baltimore

One aspect of the age-old excuse they refuse to talk about is that he was not ready for the job and Baltimoreans continue to suffer as a result. These same supporters keep avoiding the fact that he can step aside, swallow his pride that is bigger than his afro, and allow someone old enough and more capable to take the reins of the city. Nobody is forcing him to remain in office if he can’t cope with the rigors of the job. Baltimore is not a place for experimental governance. It needs a Mayor that will rid it of the look of a never-ending construction site, demarcated streets with red cones and the infamous yellow tape. 

We do not need a reminder that we elected Mayor Scott against the chaos of Catherine Pugh’s administration. Now, we find ourselves living in two different cities. One filled with crime and drugs like North and Pennsylvania Avenue, while the second is filled with rotten boarded houses and fat-ass rats. I have heard that Mayor Scott ran for office with good intentions. Okay! But what have good intentions done for this city?

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You can tell he already looks defeated, like a child who tried to lift an old man and got blinded by his balls. 

Thank God for term limits. 

Do you think Mayor Brandon Scott is too young or simply incompetent? Let us know in the comment section below. 

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