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Kazuki Takahashi, 60-year-old manga creator discovered dead in the sea

Kazuki Takahashi, 60-year-old manga creator discovered dead in the sea

A Japanese sea has revealed the body of Kazuki Takahashi, whose well-known manga comic series Yu-Gi-Oh! inspired TV shows, films, and a hugely popular card game. 

According to the coast guard, the 60-year-old died purportedly while snorkeling not far from Okinawa Island’s southernmost point. 

The man was located off the coast while sporting a snorkel, fins, and dive mask, according to a city of Nago official.

The manga and anime series Yu-Gi-Oh!, which translates to “King of Games,” centers on the spiky-haired teen Yugi, who after receiving an ancient puzzle finds his inner Egyptian pharaoh. Then he utilizes games to settle conflicts. 

Between 1996 and 2004, it was published in the Japanese comic book Shonen Jump, and in 1999, a real-world trading card game was made from it. 

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The Guinness Book of Records lists it as the best-selling trading card game of all time, according to Konami, the game’s inventor, who claims that more than 22 billion cards have been sold in the past ten years. The franchise grew to include figurines, books, video games, and toys. 

Takahashi was found 300 meters offshore, according to NHK. On Wednesday, he was found, and on Thursday, his identity was revealed.

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  • Ah! I watched Yu gi oh GX as a kid. It really made my childhood. I literally watched this card comic on Facebook. I did not even know it was this popular. May his soul rest in peace. I think i will be going to look for the throwback episodes. Thanks for sharing.

  • Wow! I did not know Yu gi oh GX had such a popularity. This cartoon really made my childhood those days of Galaxy TV. My heart goes of to the family of the deceased. I think I would be doing a throwback on previous episodes, I will also recommend every reader of this post to do so and thank me later. It was a nice but sad read. Thanks to the brand and the owner.

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