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Klopp- Next Season premier league will be very Competitive.

Klopp- Next Season premier league will be very Competitive.

What is the game of football without competition? Jurgen Klopp the head coach of Liverpool seems to be very ready for the Premier League more than ever, according to him, he expects next season to be very competitive.

As we all know, every club is trying to tie their loose ends so that they will have a very competent squad comprising of good defense and calculative strikers. Klopp has declared that his team is extremely well prepared for the premier league game next season, and he expects it to be very competitive seeing how clubs are making purchases in the transfer market. He also boasted that his team is not scared of Man city.

He praised Tottenham for the signings they’ve made so far, as according to him “it makes absolute sense”. On the contrary, he thinks Manchester City are not too smart to have parted with two good players to Arsenal and one to Chelsea, rather than retaining them like what Arsenal did with Bukayo Saka.

Nevertheless, he admitted that even after selling some good players, Man city remains a formidable team and he also believes that his team also is very formidable, as they have very professional players 

“I cannot say that anyone has made a massive mistake so far in the transfer market, I haven’t sat at home and thought ‘thank God they took him,” joked the German.

“It was clear beforehand that Tottenham is going in the right direction, it was clear, you could see that last year – the signings made absolute sense. [Manchester] City didn’t only bring in players, they gave two to Arsenal, and one to Chelsea.

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“We are in a similar situation, we just can’t always go again with the same team and try to do this kind of thing – we need a bit of fresh blood, fresh legs. So City is in a similar situation to us and in the end [they] will have fantastic football players, as we have, and it’s a question of who makes the most of it. Everybody has the same chance. It will be interesting for supporters, we will give it our all.”

In the world of football, you can’t talk about professional managers without mentioning Klopp’s name. He is very good at what he does

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