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Koulibay still worries me – Jason Candy.

Koulibay still worries me – Jason Candy.

Jason Candy, ex Chelsea legend has expressed his worries over Chelsea’s defender Koulibay, following his performance in Chelsea’s 3-0 win against AC Milan in the Champions League.

Candy thinks Koulibay is too aggressive and needs to learn how to play Cool and smart football.

According to him, Koulibay is very good whenever he is in possession of the ball, but immediately he loses Possession of the ball, he loses his cool and becomes aggressive, and this is one weakness he has to work on.

Jason also added that his aggressive nature made him give up two free kicks, in Chelsea’s game on Wednesday. 

He further said that he is yet to see the exceptional qualities that attracted all clubs to Koulibay when he was at Napoli.

“Koulibay still worries me, he worries me,” Cundy told talkSPORT.

“On the ball, he’s a really good, technical footballer. Out of possession, he dives in, he commits challenges, and he’s too aggressive.

“There is a part of his game that he needs to work on and understand he can’t win every single ball. He’s got to learn that.

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“He gave two free-kicks away in the first two minutes [against Milan] and he could have been booked.

“I have yet to see the Koulibay that everyone was talking about at Napoli and every team wanted for almost ten years. You feel like Napoli might have sold him at the right time.”

It could be that the struggle for acceptance in the team makes him aggressive with the ball, but with time, the player will adjust fine to fit into Chelsea’s style of playing and begins to okay cool smart football.

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