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Lagos Street Food.

Lagos Street Food.

The city of Lagos is located in Nigeria in West Africa. Lagos is said to house every ethnic group of the country ranging from Hausa, Yoruba, Igbo, and various minority clans. Lagos State is one of the most commercialized states in Africa with International Markets, an International Airport, and a seaport. Lagos is the ancestral home of the Yoruba clan and has its capital in Ikeja. It is one of the most populated cities in Nigeria and home to a lot of tourist attractions, such as the lekki conservation center, Badagry slave village, etc. Most importantly, Lagos is known for its hectic traffic and aromatic roadside or street food. Asides from this, Lagos is a very safe place to be in for vacations and holidays as its people are welcoming.

Lagos is known for a variety of foods depending on what you want and what you are willing to buy. Some of this food is;

1. Boli

Boli popularly pronounced as ‘Bolle’ is a Lagos street food made from ripe plantains. The plantain is peeled and grilled or roasted in the heat of charcoal leaving a thick, crispy back. Boli can be eaten alone, with pepper sauce, with fried peppered fish, groundnuts, etc. It is called “Nigerian Burger” Boli can be stepped down with fresh palm wine, soft drinks, or alcoholic drinks, depending on the choice of the customer.

2. Noodles

One of the greatest Fast foods across the streets of Lagos. Indomie is the most Patronised and most eaten noodle in Lagos State. The noodles are mostly fried and garnished to your preference such as onions, pepper, chicken, eggs, beef, and other vegetables. One can step down the noodles with water or other preferred soft drinks.

3. Jollof rice:

 Jollof rice is made from rice grains. It is boiled and then cooked with tomato sauce to take, it is aesthetically presented in orange-red color and very mouth-watering. Jollof rice is popular across Africa and has over the years been an object of competition among African countries with Nigeria and Ghana as the main contenders. Jollof rice is served with, eggs, beef, chicken, vegetables, fish, etc. One can eat Jollof rice with a bottle of water, soft drinks, and other preferred drinks of your choice.

4: Fried rice

This is a different form of rice that is always green in color. It is spiced with various ingredients and tastes good. It can be served with Jollof rice in small portions. You can mostly find it hawked around or in local canteens known as “Mama put” Fried rice can also be served with eggs, fish, meat, plantains, etc.

5: Cold coffee

Coffee can be taken as a beverage in the streets of Lagos. It has its capuchin flavor and is very refreshing. It is made by mixing coffee in a bowl with ice blocks to keep it cold. It is always scooped and severed in a little transparent plastic bag popularly called ‘Nylon’. Coffee is always hawked, the hawkers are seen carrying their coolers on their heads, more like an early morning dose of chilled Nescafe.

6: Ewa Agoyin:

 This is a Yoruba dish that can be found in the streets of Lagos. It is known for its deliciousness. It is made from Beans and spicy sauce. Ewa is the Yoruba name for Beans. It can be eaten with meat, fish, or Boiled eggs and is mostly stepped down with Chilled sachet water popularly called ‘Pure water’

7: Puff-puff

This is a pastry made out of yeast dough and molded into balls and fried in hot oil till it’s golden brown. It’s a nice snack, soft and sugary. It can be eaten with water or soft drinks.

8: Suya

This is called beef Barbecue, it’s mostly prepared by the Hausas. It is made out of grilled flattened meat chunks. It is served with onions and grounded spiced pepper. It’s more like Nigerian steak. It is mostly found in the evenings, or during pick times, it is a nightlife street food, a taste will surely convince you.

9: Rice and Stew

This is made of rice and spiced Tomato recipe. The rice is served white with tomato stew made out of tomato and peppers. This is mostly sold in local canteens like “Mama put”

10: Amala and Ewedu: 

This is the most popular street food in the streets of Lagos. It’s a Yoruba Delicacy that has to be eaten with hands. Amala is mostly brown while the Ewedu is always green with its stew. The Amala is made from ground dried yams or ground cassava while the Ewedu is a slimy soup that is made from the Ewedu plant which is very spiced and served with meat and a different type of stew that goes well with the Soup.  This is one of the most Patronised Lagos food because tourists anticipate the taste of the mouth-watering Amala and Ewedu.

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