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Lip Service; the cunnilingist’s speech.

Lip Service; the cunnilingist’s speech.

Cunnilingus is an amalgam of two Latin words Cunnus(vulva) and Lingo(to lick) and is one of my favorite English words as it sounds nothing like the activity it’s attributed to. Cunnilingus is the stimulation of the female genitalia using tongue and lips, Simply put cunnilingus is oral sex.

Did you know that in Taoism cunnilingus holds a place of reverence? How cool is that? It believed the practice helped achieve longevity by preventing the loss of bodily liquids such as semen and vaginal liquids, by ingesting this liquids a male or female human can conserve and increase their chi. In contrast a lot of other cultures view cunnilingus as unsanitary and taboo thus creating a lot of myths and untruths about this practice which I will try to debunk.

1. You can’t catch stds

While the risk of getting HIV appears to be lower than in vaginal and anal sex you can still catch and give infections, it’s best to stay safe by using dental dams.

2.Oral sex isn’t real sex.

Cunnilingus is that dish that can be served as an appetizer as in foreplay or as the main course. in a lot of heterosexual relationships it is mostly served up as a side but it’s really up to you and your partner.

3.The Vagina needs to smell like fragrance and taste sweet.

This very harmful idea births myths such as eating pineapples to change the vagina’s taste, douching and vaginal washes. A healthy Vag has a natural smell and taste, trying to “fix” that can mess up its PH balance and potentially strip its defense against infections.

4.All that is needed is tongue.

You need your tongue, lips, fingers, face and sex toys for good measure.

5.You always get orgasms.

That is just too much pressure to put on yourself and your partner, the main focus in any sexual activity should be enjoyment of self, oral sex is no different.

6.Feminists must get with the program.

As fun as it is, not everyone can get on board with enjoying it and that’s alright. No one should be forced to do what they aren’t certain they want to try.

7.Oral sex is dirty.

If you think so how about kissing? Do you think kissing is a dirty activity too? Sex is generally messy, what with all the bodily fluids, there’s bound to be some funk, partners should take care of their personal hygiene and limit the number of partners they have oral sex with.

8.Oral sex can make you lose your virginity.

Technically the way the hymen can be broken(losing your virginity) is through penetration, however lesbian women equate their first oral sex experience with losing their virginity.So live a little, preconceived notions will keep you away from enjoyment of such a delicious act.

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