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Maguire Can’t Make England’s Squad to Qatar- Carragher.

Maguire Can’t Make England’s Squad to Qatar- Carragher.

Jamie Carragher, an ex-Liverpool defender, believes that Harry Maguire, Manchester United center-back cannot make England’s squad for the 2020 world cup games

It seems Maguire has lost his place in the Manchester United squad as he struggled to claim a starting shirt at Manchester United this season, to make things worse, he caused a penalty and also gave the ball away which led to Germany’s second goal in Monday’s UEFA Nations League.

Carragher has voiced his fear over Maguire’s state of mind. According to Carragher, Maguire looks distracted,  it looks as if he’s burdened by something and has lost his fierce fighting spirit.

He further added that Maguire has lost his place in Manchester United and it’s better the defender moves to another club to have a fresh start

My question to Maguire is this: “Do you still have that same fury in you?” Carragher wrote in his Daily Telegraph column.

“Too often, it looks as if the weight of the world is on his shoulders like he is a startled bunny more than the authoritative center-back he was.

“I think it is too late at club level. I wrote last year he was fighting for his Manchester United career.

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“He needs this to be his final season at Old Trafford and start afresh.”

All doesn’t seem right with Maguire, considering his performance last season, as several fans had to clamor for his removal from the starting team.

Jacob Harry Maguire is an English professional footballer who plays as a center-back for Manchester United and the England national team.

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