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MET GALA: The American theme confusion

MET GALA: The American theme confusion

“Kim Kardashian reminds me of Ojuju Calabar”

The Met Gala 2021 event that was held on the 13th of this month created quite the uproar on every social media platform. The Gala is popularly referred to as “Fashion’s biggest night out” especially since we get to see our favorite celebrities slaying it on the red carpet.

However, this year’s event was quite different from the yesteryears. There was massive reaction on the media about the theme, and lots of people expressed their disappointment and confusion about the outfits most of the attendants chose to wear.

This year’s MET Gala event was themed “American independence”, and it gave attendees a wide range of ideas to play with. The theme was chosen to celebrate and reflect upon American fashion.

Check out some of the outfits at the big gala below:


Superstar Billie Eilish channeled old Hollywood in an Oscar de la Renta gown for her first Met Gala appearance. Drawing inspiration from Grace Kelly and Marilyn Monroe in her peach-colored dress, the “happily ever after” singer made heads turn at the red carpet.

If you think Billie dazzled in her first dress with the enormous train, wait till you see her in the second look where she dressed up in a wine-colored gown from the same designer Oscar de la Renta. Eilish got us hooked to her stunning dress. The dress had a cape attached to it and a delicious thigh-high slit that got tongues wagging especially when she almost suffered a wardrobe malfunction that almost exposed her undergarment.


Recently, the ‘montero’ rapper has been seen making bold fashion statements from his music videos to shows. He made sure to do same for his first MET Gala appearance. Both fans and critics took to the media to talk about how he pulled a lady gaga on us, which was a reference to lady gaga’s iconic entrance at the Met Gala 2019.

In a custom Versace design, the rapper served three looks in one on the red carpet. He made quite the entrance with an enormous Ornate Cape that was covered in intricate gold beading for his first outfit reveal.  Lil Nas X removed the cape to reveal a golden suit of armor underneath it, posing like he came to war with the other attendants. He took off the armor and slithered out in a slinky bodysuit, with the bodycon design covered in crystals and Versace’s signature house print.


The reality show host is known for giving sexy looks and gets criticized for overly sexualizing herself. If her goal was to prove that people still talk regardless of what she wears then she did that just perfectly. 

Covered up in a Balenciaga faceless costume, Kim strutted into the red carpet with a dramatic entrance that commanded attention. In Nigeria, covering your face and body in a Gothic-like manner is called “ojuju calabar”, and that comes to mind every time I see her picture. Her outfit choice presented a fashion conundrum and most people were wondering how it connects to the theme “American Independence”.


Ciara is undoubtedly one of the sexiest in Hollywood. And she represented well for her MET Gala 2021 appearance. The singer showed up to the event in a lime sequined dress, inspired by her husband, Russell Wilson. She sported his jersey number (No.3) and his super bowl XLVIII ring and a base ball like purse. 

Flesh baring outfits

While most attendants drew inspiration from their fashion idols and gave us old school vibes, some made our jaws drop with their flesh baring outfits.


Teyana has always been daring when it comes to her style choice. She was recently named the sexiest woman alive on Maxims Hot 100 magazine.  

For her MET Gala appearance, She was seen wearing a flesh blaring silver dress that shows off her tummy and butts. The metallic dress had straps everywhere but little cloth, exposing her very toned arms, tummy, hips, and legs. 

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Other attendants with the flesh baring outfits are:


Almost everyone anticipated Rihanna’s arrival on the red carpet. Most were disappointed and confused by her choice of outfit for the main event as it was surprisingly conservative (especially by her standards).

The fashion icon stepped out in a Balenciaga overcoat and a matching hat. 

She ended the night in less clothing, showing off her assets in a sheer black Balenciaga skirt at the after party event she hosted. 

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Now, that’s Rihanna!



Zoe Kravitz showed off the most skin at the METS in her barely there Saint Laurent dress.

Find out other looks below:





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