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NCC Reassures Nigerians That The 5G Network Has No Negative Health effect

NCC Reassures Nigerians That The 5G Network Has No Negative Health effect

The Nigerian Communication Commission, -NCC has reassured the general public that the new Fifth Generation network known as 5G has no negative side health effects.

This clarification was made by the Enugu Zonal Controller of the NCC, Mr. Ogbonnaya Ugama, on Saturday, October 29 at a round table with members of the Association of Heads of Federal Establishments.

Ugama explained that there was no convincing evidence specifically stating that emissions from electromagnetic devices including phone sets were harmful to the body.

According to him, international bodies including the World Health Organisation -WHO had established a threshold that there was no concrete proof that the 5G network led to negative side effects on humans and animals.

However, cell phone users were advised to hold the electromagnetic devices away from their bodies if they had doubts.

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Ugama had then touted the benefits of the 5G network adding that it was designed to increase speed, reduce latency and improve the flexibility of wireless services.

Lastly, Ugama revealed that Nigeria was the third country in Africa that had so far rolled out the 5G network adding that it was functional in six states of Lagos, Imo, Borno, Kano, Rivers, Oyo, and the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja. The network would be gradually extended to other states by 2023.

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