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Nigeria in a state of conundrum

Nigeria in a state of conundrum

With the direction which this country is currently going, I do not think it will be out of place to check our individual mental health. For a society deprived of basic social amenities, profusely crying for a better standard of living, but whenever there is election, it is usually greeted with apathy from the supposed people yearning for change. They think it’s okay for them to keep ranting, blaming and canceling of other people’s choices on social media.

In a conundrum of our nation called Nigeria, it is hard to pinpoint what the people and the country really want. There is dissonance between her people and the country, the ruled and the rulers are always at loggerheads because there is lack of trust. A country where daily cry is transparency but the moment there is snippet of it, both the government and the governed revolt. Followers demand accountability from the leaders but they(the followers) do not want to be accountable to the government, so no one is responsible to hold anyone accountable. 

We are now in a state where larger percentage of the youths are into fraud now. And the older generations watches and cheers them on, some are even sympathetic to their cause to the extent of glorifying Yahoo Yahoo boys (internet scammers), saying openly that yahoo grow Forex economy. What a pathetic state for a nation can be, everyone now thinks that corruption is good and grows economy. Most fights against the government is usually a stance against corruption mostly frauds and other vices that are perpetrated mostly by the youths. There is a person that did some findings about the most of the so-called tradings across social media especially on Twitter and discovered that it is mostly fraud, though there are few that are legitimate trades.

Aside from corruption, another rampaging issue in this conundrum is the issue of drug abuse among both the adults and young one which has taken a frightening dimension in the country, even the ruling class can not be left out of it. It can be worrisomely observed on the streets that Nigeria are on the perilous state if the menace is not properly curtailed. Drug abuse is somehow now officially mentioned in our song and which experts have, at various occasions, have warned had risen to emergency levels.

The illicit use of drugs among the people of Nigeria have diverse and devastating effects on our society, beside the chronic health conditions of abusers, it is also a nexus between the menace and rising incidences of violent crimes. Revelations from the victims of kidnapping, where disclosed how their abductors are engrossed in drug use to perpetrate their evil acts, also corroborated the facts that illicit drugs substance were enablers of insecurity currently ravaging the country.

The irony of it all is that both fraudsters and drugs peddlers have a meeting point, and this affects the country negatively. Both are being promoted daily by our music industry, may God help the few sane ones because it is degrading the society.

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What people need to put into consideration is the fact that, those little wrongs that each of the about 200 millions Nigerians does are what made up for the state of the nation, it has a trickle down effect. Leaders are not aliens, they are drawn from the society, they are a product of the society and a reflection of the society.

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