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Nigerian Doctor Killed by Cultists And not Relatives of Patient.

Nigerian Doctor Killed by Cultists And not Relatives of Patient.

As at yet yesterday, a statement went round which was released Nigerian Medical Association that Doctor Uyi Iluobe was killed at his hospital in Oghara Delta State, the statement said that he was killed because a patient died. Nigerians condemned the act, as they said that doctors could only try their best as the lives of humans do not lie in the hands of doctors.
However, in a Statement announced to the public by the Delta State Police Spokesperson, Bright Edafe, the doctor was killed by some cultists and not the relatives of the dead patient contrary to the earlier statement that was released by the Nigerian Medical Association
As revealed by the Edafe, the Nigerian Medical Association paid a visit to the Commissioner of police of Delta State, and it was revealed that Dr. Uyi was killed by cult boys who poised as patients and shot the doctor.
The police spokesman said, “The Nigerian Medical Association visits CP Delta over the murder of Dr. Uyi Iluobe by suspected cultists who came into the hospital in Oghara pretending to be patients and shot him while he was attending to them.
“He was not killed by the family of any dead patient as being alleged, please.”
The intention as to why the cultists decided to kill the doctor is unknown, but more information on this will be released as soon as they are apprehended. With the scarcity of doctors in Nigeria, as most doctors have traveled abroad for greener pastures, this incident will make more doctors travel out.

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