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Nobody Prosecuted For Deborah’s Murder, ex NERC Boss Exclaims.

Nobody Prosecuted For Deborah’s Murder, ex NERC Boss Exclaims.

Sam Amadi, former chairman of the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission, has berated the Government for its nonchalant attitude over the death of Deborah, as no justice has been rendered for the inhumane treatment meted on the girl.

If we can recall, Deborah a 200-level student of Shehu Shagari college of education in Sokoto was lynched and burnt to death for blaspheming Prophet Mohammed, up till today the perpetrators of this evil act are yet to be brought to book.

According to Amadi, Deborah’s death is yet to be avenged by the law and it will remain so, as Nigeria is ruled by religious fundamentalists, and Abu’s attempt to arrest the killers of Deborah might upset these so-called religious fundamentalists. He also added that, unless Nigeria moves from this religious fanaticism, the country will continue to remain backward

He wrote, “Nobody has been arrested and prosecuted for the murder of Deborah. Nobody will. This is because Nigeria is managed as a theocratic neo-feudal state. Nigeria’s path to development passes through dismantling the religious construction of the foundation of the Nigerian state. All through, Nigeria has continued to appease religious fundamentalists.”

Amadi added, “Neither the IGP nor Governor Tambuwal has done anything to arrest and prosecute those who killed Deborah because if we do so, we annoy some crazy religious fundamentalists, who may be crazy fellows. The backlash of such annoyance will be politically costly.

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“Nigeria is trapped in backwardness of undue intermingling with religion. As long as it continues on this part, it cannot be a coherent modern democratic state.”

Of a truth, it is very sad to see that in this modern day and age, Nigeria is still as backward as ever.

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