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North defend Yourselves, Buy Guns – Gov Masari

North defend Yourselves, Buy Guns – Gov Masari

I don’t agree with anything creeping out of the mouths or ears or noses of these Nigerian Governors. Most especially Aminu Masari, of Katsina State who is fond of speaking from his anus all the time. This is even me praising him.

Sir, we understand that the security situation in the North is crazy – and that is to say it mildly. But so are other parts of the country.

Your directive should be to all citizens in all parts of Nigeria, not just the people of the North or your immediate citizens of Katsina.

The entirety of Nigeria is on fire as it stands right now. The North might have more issues with banditry – we in the South have the same issues as well. You governors with your long convoy of heavily armed security men have proven deaf, blind and dumb to what the ordinary man sees on these streets daily. Sir, have you tried traveling by road from Lagos to the East? It is a death sentence. You can say, it is not your jurisdiction – true, but you cannot say that you are not aware or you haven’t heard what people down south are experiencing on a daily from your fellow Northerners who have camped in our bushes and doing all manners of unspeakable things to innocent people. We all must be armed as well sir.

Granting permits for citizens to arm themselves is long overdue – There are some who would hear your statement sir and hiss. This is nothing new. What you just said now is what people have been clamouring for since 19-kiridim.

Your statement is coming almost too late.

As in ehn – even at that, citizens have been their own security forever. Telling us to arm ourselves now is like advising a grown man to wipe his yansh after sh*ting. Before nkor?

We can’t depend on the police right now because they are no different from bandits.

Governor Aminu sir, you should also have made your call to all and sundry – not just the people of your state, Katsina and the North.

To be fair to you, Katsina and other Northern states like Zamfara, Kaduna, Sokoto, Borno and Kebbi, have been under constant attacks by insurgents and hundreds of citizens have been abducted this year alone in Katsina. Yes, i should also add the thousands more people that have been displaced from their homes. But na you be governor and Chief Security officer of your state. It is your job to arrest the situation and not urge ordinary untrained citizens to take up arms and do a job that you collect tax payers money for Governor Masari who spoke to the press at the Muhammadu Buhari House in Katsina, stressed that security officials alone cannot tackle insecurity in his state.

We hear you sir…. My issue here is why didn’t any of the journalists present ask, since you are aware of this fact sir, what have you done to address it?

More of the governor’s comments: “It’s Islamically allowed for one to defend himself against attack. One must rise to defend himself, his family and assets. If you die while trying to defend yourself, you’ll be considered a martyr. It’s surprising how a bandit would own a gun while a good man trying to defend himself and his family doesn’t have one,” He said.

He should have been made to answer if this directory is also for those in the South and South Eastern part of the country – if they can as well buy guns? And if they will be seen by this present government as defending themselves as well like the gun owners in the North?

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We all know how the governors directory would play out when a Southerner is seen wielding a rifle even against a bandit. He will most definitely be arrested and accused of banditry himself.

He also promised his government’s help to anyone in his state who plans to arm him/herself.

“We’ll support those who come with the initiative to procure arms because residents need to also complement the efforts of security agencies. These people (security agents) don’t have the number to protect the people. When President Buhari came, he even tried by increasing the number of our security agents but it’s inadequate. Count it yourself, how many policemen do we have in this country? How many soldiers do we have?

“Even if we say every policeman should go back to his home state, it’ll still not be enough. So, if we fold arms and decide to do nothing, we’ll be the ones to suffer most.”

What do you think of what the Governor is asking of his people?
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