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I Don’t Have COVID-19: Lai Mohammed

I Don’t Have COVID-19: Lai Mohammed

Minister of Information and Culture, Lai Mohammed, is giving us an update on his health. He wants us to know that the gist making the rounds that he has tested positive to COVID-19 is a Lai… Sorry, a lie.

So Oga Lai, you mean to tell us that you did not come in contact with the certain presidential aide that was infected with the virus? Is that not a lie… Just like your name?

“For the record, the minister does not have covid-19,” Lai Mohammed’s media aide Segun Adeyemi said in a statement.

Segun Adeyemi

Like oga, like aide. All of una na lie lie – or what else would you say ehn, Mr. Adeyemi?

Mr Segun Adeyemi went on to accuse the media of fake news – a line right out of Donald Trump’s lips.

Accord to him; “That story, which was first published by an online site before being taken up by some prominent lapdog media, exemplifies the difficult war we’re fighting against fake news and misinformation,

“‘When in doubt, leave it out,’ states a journalism mantra. The core principles of truthfulness and accuracy, among others, are also enshrined in the journalistic code of ethics. Those standards were not met by the report in question,”

Which one come be “lapdog media” again? – Abeg Oga Adeyemi… go and take several seats; How dare you use the word “Truthfulness” at the same time that you work for the Liar-In-Chief of the federation? From your mouth? You even lied in this same presser on behalf of your oga – that he doesn’t have covid-19. Someone who has been on quarantine for weeks?
Abeg, park well.

Mr Segun Adeyemi further said; “As a member of the Presidential Steering Committee on COVID-19, Lai Mohammed would not have hesitated to publicly announce the COVID-19 status if he was infected.

“After all, he is not only fully vaccinated, he has also taken the booster shot, a situation that offers him different layers of protection even if contracts the virus.

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“For those who contact the virus, they deserve our empathy and prayers, not stigmatization.

“In the best tradition of journalism, we expect the online newspaper behind this fake news not only to retract the publication but also to apologize to the minister for causing him such embarrassment, especially in a season of joy.”

Abeg these people no well. Apologize to the minister for what? After the same minister lied? And you want us to pray for those who have contacted COVID-19? Where did you get the science that told you prayers cures COVID-19? For your information sir, there’s no proof yet that you can’t still contact the virus even after taking the booster shot – so stop misinforming people.

Yeye people.

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