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Nunez’s Red Card Proved Too Costly For Liverpool – Carragher

Nunez’s Red Card Proved Too Costly For Liverpool – Carragher

Things didn’t go well for Liverpool yesterday, as the match with Crystal palace ended in a draw. If we can recall, Darwin Nunez was given a red card, after he smashed his head with that of Crystal palace defender, Joachin Anderson in a bid to get the ball.

According to Carragher, Nunez has let his team down, because if he had played all through the match, Liverpool would definitely have won the match, A draw is a terrible way to start a season as it is equivalent to nothing. Considering the niche Liverpool and man city have carved for themselves, no one expects to draw in any match from these two clubs, especially at the start of a season. Carragher considers this a bad one for Liverpool, pointwise.

“He’s let himself down, he’s also let his team down there. If he had been on the pitch, I’m sure 

“Liverpool would have possibly won the game.”

“Hugely. It’s been a terrible start for Liverpool points-wise”

“I actually thought Liverpool were outstanding tonight in the first half before the Palace goal and how they reacted to going down to 10 men.

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“Draws are defeats now. We know the bar has been raised so far now by Manchester City and Liverpool in the last few years.

“You’re giving yourself a tough thing to catch one of the greatest teams we’ve ever seen in the Premier League. A really poor start to the season points-wise.”

We hope Liverpool’s next match ends well.

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