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Ogun PRP candidate passes away six days after declaration

Ogun PRP candidate passes away six days after declaration

Prof. David Bamgbose, the Peoples Redemption Party’s nominee for governor of Ogun State, passed just six days after the party announced its choice. According to reports, Bamgbose passed away on Friday morning at the Sacred Heart Hospital in Lantoro, Abeokuta, following a brief illness.

His personal assistant and the assistant senior pastor of the Peace and Love Church, Mr. Oduntan Olayemi, verified Bamgbose’s passing.

He related that Bamgbose had complained of fatigue the previous day and had been transported to a hospital near Olomore, where he had been directed to Federal Medical Central in Abeokuta. He was then admitted to Lantoro, where he is still receiving oxygen (Friday). He expressed fatigue yesterday, so they decided to take him to an Olomore-area hospital. They were directed to FMC for more inspections.

Due to the urgency, they chose the state hospital in Lantoro, and he was sent to the emergency department where he has been receiving oxygen ever since” (Friday).

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“I got back to the hospital this morning and I met him breathing too fast and heavy. I was at where I went to get him some prescribed medication when he has passed on,” Olayemi narrated. The six children and spouse of Prof. Bamgbose are still alive.

Bamgbose recently left the People’s Democratic Party after being accused of denying him the PDP ticket for the Ogun West Senate seat.

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