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Pocket friendly meals for this season

Pocket friendly meals for this season

Going to the market these days is an extreme sport I must say. The shocking increase in the prices of commodities will leave your jaw on the floor! Ahh… it’s scary!

Money that’d stock the house for a month is now barely enough to stock the house for 2 weeks these days.

Now everyone wants to save cost, but still want to ensure that their families are well nourished. Isn’t that so? Not to worry, here’s a list of meals that are pocket friendly, yet nutritious. 

#1 Pepper soup (with boiled rice or yam):

With just water, pepper, pepper soup spice and any protein(fish,beef or chicken) of your choice, this meal can be achieved. The unique taste of that ancient spice in pepper soup, coupled with boiled yam or rice is heavenly.  It’s a very economical combo as you don’t spend much buying oils, tomatoes or whatever.  

And if you haven’t tried this combo before,  I advise you to give it a try today.

# 2 Jollof rice:

You might find it shocking to find jollof rice on this list, but yes! Jollof is more economical than preparing rice and stew separately as the amount of oil, pepper and tomatoes used is actually smaller than preparing a pot of stew. This actually saves you time and money, Annnnnd… Who doesn’t like jollof rice for God’s sake?

# 3 Yam Pottage:

Yam Pottage is a delicious meal that can be made with pumpkin leaves or scent leaves. Well, I prefer both. With half a tuber of yam, a cup of oil, grounded pepper or tomatoes and pepper paste you can achieve this meal. You can add shredded fish, crayfish, or anything else you want. Compare cooking yam and sauce separately with yam Porridge, you’ll see how much cheaper it is. 

#4 Pap and Akara:

Pap is no doubt a very affordable commodity. Akara on the other hand, others might argue that it’s not cheap to make, with the hike in the price of beans and all. But know this, a cup of beans used in making akara will feed more people than a cup of beans used in cooking Nigerian oil beans. Considering the oil, gas, pepper used in cooking beans, you’ll agree with me that akara is preferable. All you need is your grinded beans, sliced or blended pepper and onions, oil (that can be reused to fry akara), and Voila! 

A meal that will leave you full and nourished.

#5 Soaked cassava flakes (garri):

I know the ajebutter in some of you might grumble, but come on! Cassava flakes, corn flakes…. Both are very flakey to me. Cassava flakes is our very own Nigerian made (na we get am). Soaking garri isn’t really the issue,  the issue is how you soak it. Here’s the perfect way to enjoy cassava flakes:

 Soak with very chilled water, powered or evaporated milk, Coconut flakes, groundnuts or cashew nuts, ice cubes swimming inside. Then have peppered fish/meat/chicken  by the side that you’ll occasionally bite as you enjoy the goodness of cassava flakes. Try this and thank me in the comment section. 


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