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Power Generation Struggles to Steady at a 4,000mw as Darkness Cloaks Nigeria

Power Generation Struggles to Steady at a 4,000mw as Darkness Cloaks Nigeria

Nigeria’s power sector peak electricity generation has kept its struggle to stay above 4000 megawatts, despite the large energy demand from Nigerians in the face of petrol scarcity and exorbitant diesel prices. According to data gotten from the Nigerian Electricity System Operator’s daily operational report on Friday, peak power generation achieved stood at 4102.7mw.

But, on Saturday, it plummeted to 3992.6MW to keep the trend of power generation below 4000 in the past three months.

The inability to sustain power generation above 4,000 has worsened the plight of Nigerians across the country, leaving many neighborhoods and households with no sign of power for days.

Any hope of an improved power supply is now greatly hinged on the refurbishing plans by the federal government of the Afam power plant in the next one to two weeks, which is estimated to heighten power generation to 4500mw.

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In the meantime, the latest data from the Nigeria Industry Supply Industry on the performance of the 26 Nigerian power plants disclosed that combined generation had collapsed by 70 percent. The power plant’s capacity plummeted from a total of 13,461 megawatts installed capacity to a shocking 4,022mw when they were last tested in July 2021.

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