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Rave & Roses: Everything that makes Rema’s debut tick (Review)

Rave & Roses: Everything that makes Rema’s debut tick (Review)

It’s clear that Rema is one of the most important artists of his generation. He has released three EPs in the early stages of his career, and he could easily be called one of the most important artists of his time.

Rema is one of the prominent guys in this circle of creators, with Fireboy DML, Joeboy, Zlatan Ibile, Victor AD, and Lyta, his previous competitors in the 13th Headies Next rated category.

As soon as he won the “Next Rated” category in 2019, he told the crowd at the 13th Headies in Lagos that he was going to be the next big thing.

Rema’s musical maneuvers have been all over the place up until this moment. While he has jumped from one hit album to the next, his career has centered on the concepts of fans, enjoyment, and bursting pleasure with women. This is a cut from which Rave & Roses is carved; it reveals his flaws as well as his likes, and it is the sensations he has chosen to offer us.

Using clear strings, Rema tells the story of how he came to be and starts the first song with a cut from his real name, “Divine.” This song is an x-ray of his birth right away.

“Hold Me” is a love song, and the impact of 6lack’s contribution cannot be overstated; it was flawless. Meanwhile, Rema sang about his woman’s love for him, pledging to bring her to his mother.

In “Time N’ Affection”, Rema composes a love song in which he asks that his love interest come to him and take his time and attention, as well as all of his money and pension, since he is in love. In terms of pop impact, Chris Brown’s contribution is substantial.

“Addicted” is the album’s outstanding track, with a serenading melody that soothes the audience. Another great dancehall song with Rema’s thoughts is “Are You There?”, he also addressed those who criticized his art for focusing on women, by singing that he can’t use his music to talk about the negative in his country, which is why he has to be positive. He isn’t an activist either, he has the freedom to use his music however he wants to, and it’s the truth.

Rema inquired whether you were there in the grooves that continued. Meanwhile, the music was flawless. “Runaway” is another amazing song in which Rema expresses his passion and love in a manner that should describe his experience as one of understanding genuine love and affection, not just sex and fans.

“Jo” is a groove similar to “Are You There?” since it’s a dance track, it’s trying to get you moving. “Mara” is another love song that he uses to communicate his feelings for her and other things.. AJ Tracey is new to the Afrobeat scene. On the other hand, Rema declares unequivocally that he is bringing the culture to the rest of the globe. While the British singer-songwriter AJ Tracey is new to Afro music, his performance was respectable enough to bring the culture to a new demographic in the UK.

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“Oroma Baby” is about a lady he encountered along the way who seemed to have damaged him with her love, and then he swears to grasp her and not let go. He transforms into a hunter for her. While the Spanish Yseult’s rendition of “Wine” was also excellent, The chemistry was a lovely experience.

Rema announces debut album Rave & Roses with new single

“Calm Down” is one of the album’s greatest tracks, along with “Addicted” and “Are You There?”, which are favorites of this writer.

“Soundgasm,” as usual, is an experience in Rema’s creation; the record depicts sexuality and fandom, even if the title of the song is an image of a sound that has achieved a climax state owing to a sexual peak, maybe from Rema’s vocal range, which brings the sound to that level. The other songs were fantastic as well.

While the album is colorful, which means it’s diverse, Rema wants to bring culture to as many people as possible while also growing as a pop artist.

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