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Russia retreats, the Ukrainian flag is flown over Snake Island

Russia retreats, the Ukrainian flag is flown over Snake Island

On Snake Island, a strategically important and symbolic stronghold in the Black Sea from which Russian troops withdrew last week following months of intense bombardment, Ukrainian forces have flown the nation’s flag. According to Natalia Humeniuk, a spokeswoman for Ukraine’s southern military command, the military operation has been concluded, and the area, Snake Island, has been returned to Ukraine’s authority. Control of the island has been viewed by Ukraine as a crucial first step in easing Moscow’s embargo of its southern ports. 

Although it is perilously exposed to bombing, it remained unclear if Ukrainian troops would try to establish a long-term presence there. According to a military official, the Black Sea region around Snake Island was still a “grey zone,” which legally meant that the Ukrainians had no plans to withdraw their troops. When Russia originally took control of Snake Island in February, it gained international attention. One of the most well-known Ukrainian cries of resistance, “go fuck yourself,” was uttered by a Ukrainian soldier stationed on the island to a Russian cruiser that was attacking. 

The Russian ship Moskva was given the finger by a Ukrainian soldier on a stamp that was later sunk by the Ukrainian postal authority. Ukrainian forces have made multiple attempts to recover it since Russia assumed control. In an effort to demonstrate that it was not impeding United Nations efforts to build a humanitarian corridor allowing grain to be transferred from Ukraine, Russia insisted that it had left the island on Thursday as a “gesture of goodwill.” The village of Serhiivka, close to Odesa, was attacked by Russian forces on Friday, and Ukrainian authorities have interpreted this as retaliation for Russian troops being driven off Snake Island the day before. 

A multi-story apartment building and a recreation center were hit by two Russian missiles, resulting in at least 21 fatalities, including two children. Volodymr Zelenskiy, president of Ukraine, said that although the withdrawal did not ensure the security of the Black Sea region, it would “seriously limit” Russian activity there. He declared that step by step, Ukrainian will drive Russia out of their sea, their land, and their sky. 

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Kyiv charged Russia with dropping flammable white phosphorous on Snake Island. Military specialists claim that the Russians utilized it to burn the weapons and ammo left there before their escape even though Ukrainian forces weren’t there at the time of the raid.

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