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Senate’s New Bill For Cross Dressers: Is It Really Necessary?

Senate’s New Bill For Cross Dressers: Is It Really Necessary?

In case you’re not familiar with who crossdressers are, they are those who basically wear clothes that are supposed to be for the opposite gender, or clothes that are associated with the opposite sex. Like men who wear female dresses, shoes and accessories as their lifestyle. I know you’re thinking of some names like James Brown, Bob Risky, and their likes.

If this news bill is passed, then anyone found guilty except for those who dress like that for entertainment purposes such as Zicsaloma, Josh2Funny, Mama Uka, Sir One on One, Paul Scata, Steve Chelsea and the likes, the rest would either serve a jail term for 6 months or pay a fine of Five hundred thousand naira. The said bill was presented by Umar Muda, and is proposed to be included as a sub- section of the act which originally says that gay individuals and those involved in same sex marriage are liable to 14 years Imprisonment. 

But how is this our problem? I don’t know if these law makers of ours just wake up one day, think of one very irrelevant matters and then make it a big deal, when there are so many important things needing our attention. Fathers and mothers with children at home in the name of ASUU strike are more concerned about Crossdressing all of a sudden? How does the choice of dressing of a particular person or gender affect anything about the country? Would it change the already derogatory light in which our leaders have put Nigeria in as a result of their selfishness and wickedness?

Don’t get me wrong, I know crossdressers can be a handful and constitute nuisance at times, and they do not really leave any good precedence for the younger generation, but is this what we need now? The law that says guys and individuals that perform same sex marriage would be jailed for 14years, does it still exist? These days, they no longer hide it. Especially on Tiktok, these persons some out and do their thing because they know that Nigeria is a lawless country. More like a toothless bull dog. You haven’t implemented that, now you bring this distraction when we have other pressing matters?

The rate of insecurity these days has moved from worse to worst. My heart goes out constantly to my friends in the North who live in constant fear of attacks from bandits. Kidnappers now have more morale to perpetrate vices whenever they feel like. Nobody is safe, and crossdressers are suddenly our problem? Lets not even go to the cost of fuel and food stuffs. 

Some persons say that the bill is already dead on arrival and cannot be approved. But in this Nigeria, Nothing surprises me anymore.

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