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UK Home Office Denies Dozens of Afrobeats Artists Visas.

UK Home Office Denies Dozens of Afrobeats Artists Visas.

We can never really get the equality and appreciation we crave for. Afrobeats have emerged as one of the most vibed genres of music in the world, with several Afrobeats Artists conducting tours in several countries, bringing African music to the highest pedestal in the world.

However, not all countries appreciate African music, as some, countries are still very skeptical that the countries they once colonized could make good music. Reports have it that UK Home Office has deployed ways to attack the Black music genre, as British authorities have denied several Afrobeats Artists Visas to perform in Britain.

And 20 singers have been denied access from entering the UK to perform in the Afrobeats Festivals. Many Producers and directors have warned that such behavior will encourage top musicians to boycott the UK, seeing the hostile environment they’ve created for one of the world’s fastest-growing genres.

“Afrobeat stars” fume that Britain is the hardest embassy in the world to deal with, and they are routinely given short stays of just two weeks which prevents them from making the most of their visit,” the publication said.”

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Britain has become a scare to Afrobeats Artists, A country that is supposed to appreciate a fast-growing craft, has decided to go against such craft because of ego, weird priorities, and others. And this will not be good for the country, most Afrobeats Artists will boycott the country in their tour.

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