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Soludo: A New Hope for Anambra

Soludo: A New Hope for Anambra

I, the writer would first of all like to congratulate Prof. Charles Chukwuma Soludo for scaling through the November 2021 Anambra Gubernatorial Election to emerge as the winner and recently sworn-in Governor of the state. He conquered despite the mephistophelean plans of Nigeria’s political heavyweights to gain access to power through electoral malpractices, and a judiciary process, aimed at making him a loser. The people of Anambra did well in electing him and this appointment is well-deserved.

Soludo as a leader and a man with great wealth of knowledge can show a distinction in leadership that would bring a change in the status quo and also prove to Nigerians that excellence is attainable. He is shrewd, apt and competent.

Soludo as a leader has shown that it is better we look inward as a country so as to thrive socioeconomically, rather than striving towards development. Being more of an importer of products that we have the ability and resources to create will not aid us in achieving rapid economic development.

Soludo with his wealth of knowledge in economics has proven to our lawmakers and southern governors that patronizing our locally made products is a very essential thing for our development. Recently, Soludo initiated the innovation of patronising our locally made fabrics. Soludo is now largely recognised as a promoter and enterpriser of the Akwaete fabric, as he enkindled an increase in demand for the product. 13 Governors belonging to the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) who converged in Abia State were adorned in this locally woven fabric. He has also promoted the Ogbunike Footwears to be in wide use by Anambrarians and Nigeria at large. He is currently championing the cause for the product to compete and stand out in the global footwear market. His use of the Innoson Motor as the official vehicle of the state governor also conveys a message to our leaders that are so much interested in owning SUVs, Range Rovers and Mercedes Benz, that Nigeria-made products should prioritised before any other.

Soludo has taken a different path from his fellow south-eastern governors in the handling of secessionist agitations. He believes that an ideology cannot be killed with guns as the Federal Government and State Governments of Ebonyi, Imo and Anambra have choosen to have it. He believes that a process of dialogue is needed to ensure peace.

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Although, there is a need for us to keep our fingers crossed as governance is not something that comes with ease in Nigeria. Action does speaks louder than words, but Soludo has shown that he possesses the ideas and can deliver fully to bring about a phenomenal transformation in Anambra State.

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