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Sonia Ekweremadu Appeals to Nigerians for a Kidney Donor

Sonia Ekweremadu Appeals to Nigerians for a Kidney Donor

Ike Ekweremadu’s daughter, Miss Sonia Ekweremadu, has taken to her Instagram to beg/search for a kidney donor.

The 25-year-old had explained on her page that she had to drop out of her postgraduate studies in 2019 because she had been diagnosed with a very rare kidney disease called FSGS Nephrotic Syndrome.

According to her, her family had been battling to save her life, leading to her parents’ facing charges connected to her illness. The Media and Communications graduate additionally revealed that at present, she receives up to 5 hours of dialysis 3 to 4 times a week and this has become a huge expense for her family.

“The last three years have been extremely challenging,” she wrote. “I, Sonia Ekweremadu, hereby appeal to the general public to come to my aid and save my life. I am pleading to anyone to whom it may please to assist me willingly with a kidney donation in the name of God,” she added.

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Sonia had gone further to explain that her family members would have donated theirs willingly to her, but her case was a unique one, in that it was a genetic illness and that any donation from a family member would mean that the illness will likely reoccur in the future.

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