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Super Falcons need to Buckle up – Tijani Babangida.

Super Falcons need to Buckle up – Tijani Babangida.

Tijani Babangida a former and respected player of the super eagles, expressed his displeasure over the game, as the super Falcons lost to the copper queens of Zambia making them fourth in Africa’s women’s cup of nations 22. He acknowledged the fact that it is not possible to win always but he further advised them to buckle up, as other African teams are seeing to it that they displace them from their “title” which is the giants of female football in Africa. He also advised them to improve their skills, as fake football in Africa is no longer like before.

“The level and standard of football as far as female football is concerned in Africa have moved up. You can imagine how a team like Morocco played free-flowing football against the Super Falcons. Nobody expected it but it is a sign that female football in Africa has developed.

” Again, it is also a sign that other teams such as South Africa, Zambia, and Cameroon are gradually closing the gap on the Super Falcons. Gone are those days the Super Falcons will dominate a team.

“A lot must be done if Nigeria must regain its rightful place in Africa. I am happy the team has qualified for the Women’s World Cup.”

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Nigerians are beginning to get worried as they taught Zambia will be an easy competition for the super Falcons, the game on Friday didn’t end up in the super Falcon’s favor as they finished fourth place in AWCON22.

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