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The UN General Assembly passes a resolution on North Korean human rights.

The UN General Assembly passes a resolution on North Korean human rights.

The United Nations General Assembly has voted another resolution calling for steps to improve North Korean human rights circumstances. A North Korean diplomat at the UN meeting contended that the approval of such a resolution for the 18th year in a row was politically motivated.

On Thursday, the United Nations General Assembly passed a resolution denouncing North Korea’s human rights violations and urging action to solve the issue.

The resolution was passed by agreement without a vote during a General Assembly meeting at the United Nations headquarters in New York, making it the 18th of its sort since 2005 and the first co-sponsored by South Korea in four years.

The European Union’s resolution focuses on worries over the North’s poor human rights situation.

While expressing concern about what was referred to as the illegal detention, torture, and execution of foreign nationals, this year’s resolution also demands that North Korea release all information about such foreign nationals who have been subjected to human rights violations by the regime.

South Korea has been working hard to collect information about the shooting death of a South Korean fisheries officer near the western maritime border by North Korean forces in 2020.

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At the conference, a North Korean representative to the UN argued that his government rejects the UN resolution, arguing that it is politically motivated.

The UN Security Council was also encouraged in the resolution to consider submitting North Korea to the International Criminal Court for crimes against humanity.

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