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The uncontrolled use of digital platforms is a global problem – Lai Mohammed

The uncontrolled use of digital platforms is a global problem – Lai Mohammed

Unrestrained use of social media and other digital platforms, according to Alhaji Lai Mohammed, Minister of Information and Culture, is causing significant issues on a worldwide scale.

At a session to welcome guests to the Global Media and Information Literacy Week held in Abuja, the minister reaffirmed this position.

The event, lasted a week and had the topic “Nurturing Trust:” as reported by the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN). 193 UNESCO member nations are participating in a media and information literacy requirement both physically and electronically.

The minister emphasized the urgent necessity for every person to have the skills necessary to critically assess and utilize the information at their disposal to confront the global crisis.

As the world and its leaders struggle to distinguish between what is true and what is false in light of the usage of media and information, he claimed that the theme of the event was not only appropriate but also contemporary.

Mohammed expressed his optimism that the perspectives, ideas, and contributions of attendees at the sessions and plenary throughout the week-long event will lead to the development of solutions to the problems.

Contributions and inquiries will all be directed toward discovering the connections that may be made between the usage of media and information literacy and the development of trust among our societies and individuals, the speaker said.

He extends a warm greeting to everyone attending the Youth Forum, Feature Conference, and 11th Global Media and Information Literacy Week.

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Mohammed further said that long after the event had concluded, the numerous meetings will serve as the foundation for an enduring bond.

Dr. Tawfik Jelassi, the UNESCO Assistant Director-General for Communication and Information, and Mr. Dihitri Sanga, the organization’s regional director for West Africa, also attended the welcome ceremony.

The Federal Ministry of Information and Culture’s Permanent Secretary, Mrs. Lydia Jafiya, and a few heads of parastatal organizations in the ministry’s information unit were also present.

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