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The Yul Edochie saga: An exposition to the slavish plight of women in marriages

The Yul Edochie saga: An exposition to the slavish plight of women in marriages

The yul edochie family saga has been trending everywhere on net for days now and it often begs the question, ” What do men really want?”. Now in this article i’m not trying to either support polygamy or oppose it, but whether one chooses it or not we should care for the feelings of our partner and put ourselves in their shoes. 

The era of slavery has for long ended, but women are still being treated like slaves in their marriages. She was born a human being with dreams, potentials and has every right of a human being, but willingly she lays everything bare to keep  your home and feed your kids, while you concentrate on being successful in life.  But overtime this woman that pays so much sacrifices would have to be greeted by unfair treatment of the man taking another wife without considering if she would be hurt or not. In consonance to what I said before, I am not here to support or oppose polygamy but I think we need to realize that a woman has feelings like a man also, and as such, her interest should be considered before a crucial decision like this is taken. 

Yul Edochie, his second wife and their child

There is No evil a woman would commit that would ever be equivalent to what men has done to women. Any man that would go through the nine months pregnancy period of a woman without empathy and eternal love for the woman is wicked. Let’s ask ourselves the honest question, “when would women ever be treated the way they treat men?”. I guess the question is rhetorical In nature. It goes therefore to reason that no man should ever do anything to hurt a woman who has carried his child. 

A woman is the female version of a man, she has the same organs, cells, blood, tissue etc.  They both have emotions, wants and needs that they share.  The only difference should be the reproductive organs. I’m saying this because anybody could have been born the male or female, so we should therefore embrace ourselves and learn to view things from the perspective of the other. 

The same way men feel like tasting other girls, women feel same but out of respect and honour for the union and the man, they constrain themselves. If they can sacrifice for the success of the family, we men should do same. If we can’t it’s only proper to discuss and agree with her on the way forward, rather than going behind her back to do nasty things because if she does same, we men would even be more hurt and take decisive and drastic actions.

Furthermore, I always advise women to have a genuine source of income so that they won’t suffer on the long run, while Most men are still ignorant of the fact that ending the progress of their family is tantamount to ending their joy for life. 

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In conclusion, if we forget anything let’s not forget that a woman is the builder of the nation and as such should be treated right like the men want to be treated too.

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