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Tunisian Lawyers Fight Firm Offering Divorce Services.

Tunisian Lawyers Fight Firm Offering Divorce Services.

The Tunisian Bar Association -TBA, has kicked against a company offering a three-step pathway to divorce, stating that the service would undermine and corrupt family values in the country.

The lawyers had on Tuesday, October 25, launched legal proceedings against the firm after its billboards were displayed last week across the capital city, Tunis. The billboard had advertised: Tala9, which means divorce in Arabic, with the slogan: “The first Tunisian website to support your decision.”

“Divorce: The decision is yours; we take care of the process.”

The divorce company had promised to see through the process for 1 200 dinars ($370) with no hidden fees or charges.

On its website, the company had brought in specialists to answer potential clients’ questions about every stage of the divorce process.

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However, the Head of the TBA, Hatem Mziou, stated that the campaign was against the norms of the conservatives in the North African country as the ‘Tala9’ w statement was promoting divorce.

The Tunis municipality has given the firm, two weeks to remove its billboard advertising.

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