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Ugochi Nworie: Everything we know so far.

Ugochi Nworie: Everything we know so far.

On the 3rd of May 2022, it became clear that a 26-year-old lady, Ugochi Nworie, popularly known as Mirabel Ezinne on Tik Tok, was found dead in a hotel in Abakaliki, State capital of Ebonyi State. Following this, it was also rumored that her body was mutilated rendering all her private parts missing. This is one of the most popular trends in Nigeria in recent times where dead bodies of ladies would be found in hotel rooms with their privates missing.

This insinuates that they have been used for money rituals. In the state of her death, everyone would have bought the same story of being killed for rituals.In a close confession with her friend whose name was not mentioned, she stated that she was also present in the club with Ugochi when the two men approached her. She claimed that the men approached her first and offered her a sum of hundred thousand naira to spend the night with them. She however declined noting that the appearances of the men looked odd to her. Even though the offer was tempting, she decided to decline the offer.

It was not really stated if they met Ugochi immediately, but what was communicated was that the same men approached Ugochi afterwards and offered her Fifty thousand naira for the night which she agreed. It is not clear if Ugochi was present with her friend when they asked her first because I believe she should have also turned down especially when they down-priced her. It can also mean that Ugochi was in desperate need of money that she did not mind being under-priced.when the clubbing was over, Ugochi was approached by her friend for them to take their leave in which Ugochi refused. She pointed out that she was going to spend the night with the strange men she just met at the club. She Claimed to have warned Ugochi not to spend the night with the men but she refused. Her friend could not stop her because she is a grown woman responsible for making her own decisions. 

She also disclosed that the car the men came with had an inscription of “Colonel” in it’s number plate. One can say the men in question came prepared. She also stated that the hotel was close to the club where they had just partied. She had hoped to see Ugochi the next day. She did not know it would be her last day.

Following the investigation from the Police department, it has been revealed that no part of her body was cut out instead 12 (Twelve) Used condoms were found at the scene making the police suspect she was gang raped to her death. Hence, the Police have debunked the rumors of mutilation. This alone has aroused a lot of questions as to her death. Can two men have sex with her with 12 Condoms? Would it not be much? Would Ugochi have followed twelve adult men to lodge in a hotel room? Even if she successfully agrees to follow twelve men, is there any hotel management that should allow such a number of people to a room? The police also added that her legs and hands were tied and her mouth was gagged, justifying Force which could be called Gang rape.

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As it stands now, a lot of people believe that the hotel management should have a side of this story that has not been shared yet. There cannot be evidence of 12 Condoms in a room booked for 3 people without the Hotel management not noticing other men around.

The police are presently doing their work, we hope for more positivity soon.

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