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What Happened? The Bianca and Ebele Obiano’s Story.

What Happened? The Bianca and Ebele Obiano’s Story.

Weeks ago, a video containing the actual actions of the erstwhile first lady of Anambra’s State was released. Recall that, on the 17th of March 2022, During the handover ceremony of the state’s leadership to Prof. Soludo, the Wife of the former governor who is Ebele Obiano, stood up from her seat and went to where Bianca Ojukwu was sitting, and in a confrontation, there was a misunderstanding which led to physical exchanges. A scene was created and a full video wasn’t released as of then. Afterward, different people from different schools of thought filled the internet with various stories. Most people have been taking sides of the Wife of Ojukwu since then.

A lot of people up to date, are still using pictures of Ebele Obiano as memes for comic relief. Now I ask? Is this supposed to be so? Of course, in a country where people operate their phones themselves, anything goes! 

After watching this video, I came to understand one shocking thing. What did I observe? There was no slap! All I could see was Ebele Obiano walking up to Bianca Ojukwu posing in a mocking stance. Then after asking Bianca why she was present at the function when she had previously stated that she won’t be present in any meetings that involved her(Bianca) and the Former Governor Obiano, she was later seen pushing the head of Bianca. Bianca in annoyance stood up poised for action, Ebele continued calling her a bitch. Bianca after a rethink; stretched her hand for a slap but missed! Instead, she went for her wig and tried to pull it off. In the process of pulling the wig off, Ebele gripped her wig so tight like her life depended on it, this was when people started joining to separate the fight.

Ebele knew that if her wig was pulled off from her head, she would be outrightly embarrassed, she only wanted to bear the embarrassment of creating the scene of spoken words which she already knew had started from the moment she stood from her seat. It was obvious she came prepared for the scene.

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In conclusion, the misunderstanding between the two women led to no slap on the face, all I saw was one woman trying to pull off the other’s wig, while the other woman was struggling with all her might to see that her wig doesn’t get pulled off. Yes! both of them are wrong, this is not me taking sides. Ebele Obiano was wrong for taking such violence to Bianca Ojukwu. What happened to respect? What happened to self-control? Rumor has it that she reeked of whiskey and her actions were under the influence of alcohol. It was said that she came late to the event and missed her reserved seats. Bianca was also wrong in the sense that she retaliated. Two people cannot be running mad at the same time, what was expected of her was to have stood up and left or she would have allowed Ebele to leave. Yes! Ebele was almost leaving when Bianca stood up in reaction. Get the message! 

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