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Why I am More Worthy to Win this year’s Balon D’or Award – Mbappe

Why I am More Worthy to Win this year’s Balon D’or Award – Mbappe

Julian Mbappe, the Paris Saint Germain player revealed that he is Positive that he might win this year’s Balon D’or award. If we can recall, on Friday the organizers of the Balon D’or awards published a list of 30 nominees for this year’s Balon D’or awards, which saw Mbappe making the list.

He’s to compete with world-class footballers, Karim Benzema, Christiana Ronaldo, Robert Lewandowski, Kevin de bryne, and Viniscus junior for the award.

In an interview, he revealed that he earnestly wants to win it for the first time, for the past two years he’s attained a new status, and he is doing better on the pitch, so he feels he’s more worthy of the title.

This year’s Balon D’or Nomination took a new turn with Messi and Neymar not making it to the list. Many fans feel it’s better Messi didn’t make it to the list, as he should allow other players to win the title after winning it seven times.

“I want to win the Ballon d’Or very soon. Like many. Except that there are perhaps not many who dare to admit it. I’m still convinced that the hardest thing is to win the first.

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“I think that my 18-21-year-old period allowed me to stabilize in the Top 10. I wasn’t an impactful enough player. For the last two years, I think I have reached a new level, I have a more assertive status on the pitch, and I am doing better in decisive matches. In short, I am a more credible and serious candidate.”

Julian Mbappe

Who do you think will win this year’s Balon D’or award?

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