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Why we Defeated Arsenal 3-1. Ten Hag.

Why we Defeated Arsenal 3-1. Ten Hag.

It was all celebration yesterday, for Manchester United fans as they thrashed Arsenal 3-1. It came as a surprise as most people predicted that the match would either end in a draw or Arsenal will defeat Manchester United considering their back-to-back win, no one saw United’s win coming.

Erik Ten Hag, United’s manager praised his squad over the brilliant win, as Newly signed ex-Ajax player, Anthony scored the first goal in the first half putting Manchester United in the lead, Bukayo Saka equalized for Arsenal in the second half, however, Rashford’s two goals gave Manchester United victory over Arsenal.

Ten Hag has disclosed the reason why they won the match, speaking on this, he said he is very delighted over their win, and their performance was top-notch. This shows the spirit of teamwork, as it is an indicator that they can handle setbacks and switch to a positive mindset.

He further stated that they had the right characters and we’re very cooperative on the field. Looking at Arsenal they too were very coordinated, but Manchester’s United team spirit gave the win.

He added that he’s hoping that they can still do more, and he’s extremely happy that were able to overcome the jests from the media and recover back.

Ten Hag, speaking to Match of the Day, said: “We are happy and satisfied with the win, also the performance against a really good team – they played really well.

“The spirit from this team, they can deal with setbacks so we did, it is great and shows your mentality – we have really improved on that.

“We have the right characters and now it is about cooperation, dealing with setbacks but also improving – we have to stay calm, stay composed and play our game.

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“You can see that Arsenal are more together, more routines – but our team spirit brings us the win.

“We can still do things better, with pressing, we had a good plan but the incoming from Zinchenko for instance, that gives them over numbering in midfield. We can be more composed on the ball, don’t give it away away

“When we got beat in the press we fought back and recovered, especially in transitions we were good.”

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