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World Heath Organisation records more than 550 cases of Monkeypox worldwide

World Heath Organisation records more than 550 cases of Monkeypox worldwide

The world health Organisation has now recorded more than five hundred and fifty cases of monkeypox all over the world. This was made known by Rosamund Lewis, the Technical lead for monkeypox in an interview with CNN on Tuesday. 

She said these cases have been recorded in over 30 countries of the world, including countries in Africa, Europe, and America. She claimed that the recent outbreak was a little different from past outbreaks because this time, there have been many cases happening at the same time in a very short period. She noted that in the next weeks to come, the cases could increase to 500 more cases. 

Lewis also said that the world health Organisation has not been able to trace the origin of this new outbreak of monkeypox and the organization is begging countries to increase their surveillance so that they could prevent a bigger outbreak of the disease. WHO has also listed the symptoms that health workers should look out for which includes rash, fever, swollen lymph nodes, headache, back pain, muscle aches, and fatigue. 

Lewis also added that the World Health Organisation would be meeting soon to discuss more on the virus and create a research agenda on the cause of the virus and possible solutions. 

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“It’s been there before, and we do have a baseline of knowledge that we can build on, but there are many questions still,” she said.

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