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Yeni Kuti: Women don’t need marriage to be Fulfilled

Yeni Kuti: Women don’t need marriage to be Fulfilled

The name Yeni Kuti may not be a popular name for Nigerians, especially the Gen Z. Yeni Kuti is the first daughter of legendary Afrobeat singer Fela Kuti, whose name is familiar to everyone in Nigeria. She is also part of the presenters of the TVC morning breakfast show. Contrary to normal African standards, she said marriage does not fulfill or satisfy a woman.

In an interview, she said that women are realizing that they should be independent and that there is much more to life than getting married. Because having another man’s last name doesn’t necessarily make you important

 I think that women have become more independent and now know who they are. They now know that they don’t have to be married to “be someone” (fully or fully). You now know that you are a separate person. For me, it’s a good thing. Women are now marrying because they want to, not just because they want to be called someone’s wife.”

Contrary to popular belief that celebrities’ children get a favor if their parents’ names are mentioned, according to Yeni, they didn’t get any special treatment.

“I didn’t enjoy any benefits because people looked down on us back then because we were Fela’s children.”

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When asked if she would have such a privilege as an adult, she said, “No, I don’t. When I was over 30 years old, my father took pity on me and bought my sister and me a TV. However, I could afford a TV back then because I was already working.”

Yeni is already in her 60s and is aging gracefully. What do you think about what she Said?

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