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Zazu Zeh Crooner Zazoos a Prostitute

Zazu Zeh Crooner Zazoos a Prostitute

When “P’ jam “P” one must run. 

Portable jam prostitute – Portable don run.

All of una wey dey talk say Portable get craze for head – Shebi una don see am now? – Him craze don jam craze wey dey craze pass craze.

But we talk am na – say the way the guy dey go, him go zazu himsef one day. 

Shebi las-las e don happen? – Olosho don get belle for olosho. 

To madam Abike, the olosho, wey no gree let us hear word since morning for social media – we no blame you ooo – as these days, na every tom, dick and Harrysong wey get phone dey Tiktok and Instagram. 

Ok, you get belle for business wey dem no dey get belle – Ehen? 

Even at that, you no dey look the person face before you open your legs? 

No look Uche face… No look Uche face, Oya naa – you go face the repercussion! 

The mata sef taya me. You see person wey look like that – like vampire Lestat – from head to toe, and you open legs for am? 

Person wey even taxi driver sef, no go carry for night – Na wa oooo! 

Ok, even sef say – bad as e bad – market no dey dat night, and cold don pieces your bodi… You no go find somewhere go drink ogogoro?

Even Bar-beach olosho, as bad as e bad, dey look face before dem knack.

Dem dey use torchlight look the person face wey dem wan knack.

Dem go even press your prick, to know weda you get Gono.

Shebi if to say you don drag am enter light, you for see weda na cloth abi na eczema cover him bodi?

Yeye olosho!

But how you take get belle sef – as olosho concern?

Na skin to skin olosho you be? 

You can imagine the nonsense!

Now you hearsay him don turn celeb – you wan come tell us say una do without condom. 

You even talk with your own mouth say the guy give you money to commot the belle – and you say no!

Ok, so wetin you expect? 

Wetin you want make we do? 

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Na you want zazu… Oya you don see zazu.

“My name is Abike, i and Portable met at a nightclub last year and i spent the night with him as an olosho. At the end of it all, i got pregnant for him.

“He gave me money to go abort the pregnancy, but i refused to follow his advice because we don’t commit abortion where i come from. 

“I heard that Portable has become a celebrity, and he has been ignoring me and the baby since he found fame. 

“Portable has stopped picking my calls and has not sent money for the baby’s upkeep.

“Please, Nigerians should have pity on me and help me share this video.”

Which Nigerians ehen?… Abegiii!!!

When una dey knack unasef for sand for Bar-beach, Nigerians dey there?

But if una no dey do abortion for una place – Dem say make una no dey use condom?

Wooo!!!!  Madam Abike, abi na Olosho Abike, face your work ooo – face your work!!!

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