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Zimbabwean police look into opposition-related violence

Zimbabwean police look into opposition-related violence

According to Zimbabwean police, they are looking into claims of violence against the opposition.

This comes after a video that appeared to show a gang questioning and abusing those having an opposition meeting was extensively posted on social media.

The event has increased worries that some of the violence that has marred previous
Zimbabwean elections would reoccur during this year’s election.

The video seems to have been shot in Murehwa, northeast of Harare and shows a
woman questioning a group of people while criticizing them for siding with the

After that, men beat an elderly man repeatedly with wooden sticks while holding him down on the ground.

The tiny toddler witnesses the punishment being administered.

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This is only one of many pieces of proof, according to the opposition Citizens Coalition for Change, claiming the ruling ZANU-PF party has mobilized vigilante groups in advance of elections.

A local ZANU-PF official has disassociated his party from the assault.

Rights organizations have frequently charged the ruling party with employing deliberate violence to win elections.

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