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12 Die in Niger Auto Crash.

12 Die in Niger Auto Crash.

Twelve persons lost their lives in Niger Auto Crash that occurred on Agaei Lapai Road in Niger State.

This report was given to News respondents by Ibrahim Sayuti on Sunday who happens to be the local government chairman of the Agaie L.G.A. the incident occurred on Saturday.

According to Sayuti, they’ve had several incidents of such nature on that road, the road is very bad and this has led to several accidents, which is affecting their economic activities as people are now scared to take such a route.

This is not the first time this is happening this year. We have had a scenario of tankers carrying petroleum products also losing control and getting burnt where many lives were lost.

“The situation of the road also is affecting the economic activities of the local government and its sisters communities as that same road is the easiest route that links western Nigeria to northern states.

Kumar Tsukwam, the commander of the Niger State Federal Road Safety Corps, Revealed they the accident was caused by wrongful overtaking, and that 12 persons died in the incident.

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Most roads in Nigeria, are death traps, as most state leaders have failed to see the importance of having good roads, it’s almost as if, the government has forgotten that roads are a major way for transportation. It is a prerequisite that Government should try to fix all the bad roads in Nigeria, and it isn’t just about fixing roads but also about using quality materials when making these roads, as some of these roads have been fixed several times but because substandard materials were used in fixing the roads, it goes back to its former State.

As we go about our daily activities, may Nigeria not happen to us.

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