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2022 U-20 WWC: Why Falconets Lost to Netherlands- Danjuma.

2022 U-20 WWC: Why Falconets Lost to Netherlands- Danjuma.

It’s a sad one for Nigerians and the super Falconets as they lost their match with the Netherlands in the 2022 U-20 Women’s World Cup in the quarter-finals. The Falconets are out of the tournament as they lost to the Netherlands on a 2-0 defeat.

Considering their beautiful performance at the group stages, everyone thought that they are ready to compete for the cup this time around, it’s so unfortunate as they did put up a good fight in the match, but their inability to aim accurately at the goal spoilt their chances of winning the match.

According to Chris Danjuma, football is a game where your opponent seizes every opportunity to punish you. Falconets had several chances, but they couldn’t make use of it, and the game of football is about making proper use of chances. He further admitted that they didn’t go with the mindset of losing the game, but it didn’t just turn out well.

 “This is football when your opponent capitalizes on your mistake and they punish you for that,” Danjuma told a press conference.

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“I think we had these few mistakes starting and we were punished for it and we had our chances and we could not take it.

“Football is all about taking your chances. But it is just unfortunate because nobody wants to go into the game and lose. We wanted to go all the way, but it did not happen.”

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