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A Head scratching Endorsement for Makinde for 2nd Term

A Head scratching Endorsement for Makinde for 2nd Term

Oya ooo… Dem don begin to dey come out from their holes. You would think these hairdressers and Makeup artist coming out to endorse the governor are doing it because he has elevated their lives.  

The Nigerian Beautician Hairdressers Association (NBHA) Oyo State branch (Abeg where the remaining branches dey?  You go fear hustle naa. Anyway, they have spoken in support of the speculated second term of Governor Makinde. (The man sef never even talk weda him go contest or not). Nawa oooo!

But who be these people sef? Association of Jerry-curlers and pancakers, and wetin make dem think say we care who dem endorse?

Now this is the part that got me. The association declared it is “backing” the governor based on his successes in the last 2yrs of service across all sectors. See as dem dey lie for the innocent governor head. Governor himself know say him never do anything for the state. 

Chief Mrs. Olubunmi Adesanya

Chief Mrs. Olubunmi Adesanya was the one who spoke. She expressed to the Chief Press Secretary of the Governor, one Mr. Taiwo Adisa, how the governor has been prompt in salary payment. I swear, even the press secretary sef won’t believe what he was hearing about prompt salary payment. 

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She said a lot in her long speech, but i will just leave it here… Market women mata get as e dey be.   

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