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Actor Jeremy Renner shattered nearly 30 bones in a snow plow accident.

Actor Jeremy Renner shattered nearly 30 bones in a snow plow accident.

Jeremy Renner, a Hollywood actor, claims he shattered more than 30 bones when he was accidentally driven over by a snow plow on New Year’s Day.

In an update on his rehabilitation, the Avengers actor stated that his “morning workouts, and resolutions all changed this specific new year,” and uploaded a photo of himself lying in a hospital bed.

Renner was injured while clearing snow outside his Nevada house, suffering acute chest damage and orthopedic injuries.

He was listed as critical for several days.

The actor, who turned 52 a week after the accident, is best recognized for his role as the Marvel franchise’s bow-wielding Clint Barton/Hawkeye.

The catastrophe occurred following a New Year’s blizzard that killed hundreds of people and dumped significant precipitation across numerous states.

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Renner used his snow plow to rescue a family member who had become stranded in the snow near his house while driving his automobile.

Renner successfully hauled the automobile away, but when he stepped out, the plow started moving while empty, according to Washoe County Sheriff Daroe Balaam at the time.

Mr. Balaam said Renner was trying to get back into the driver’s seat to stop the vehicle from going when the “very massive” piece of equipment ran over him. Days later, Renner posted a photo of his seriously damaged face, claiming he was “too messed up now to type”, but thanking supporters for their good comments.

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