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Ahmed Lawan, David Mark Enjoins Christians to Practice Love and

Ahmed Lawan, David Mark Enjoins Christians to Practice Love and

Ahmed Lawan, David Mark Enjoins Christians to Practice Love and Peace.
It’s a day to Christmas, and several persons have one or two things to say to Christians, and this includes our lawmakers and several persons who have been involved in Nigeria’s governance.
Lawan, Senate President of Nigeria has advised all Christians in Nigeria, to practice Love, tolerance, peace, and hope that Jesus Christ displayed in his lifestyle while he was on earth, and this we should emulate.
He congratulated all Christians, as they celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, he further said that Jesus taught that all his followers be the light and salt of the earth to make the world a better place to Live in.
He also said that one of the tenets’ commandments is that everyone loves their neighbors as they love themselves and also follow after peace in the society. And it is a prerequisite that Christians abide by those instructions if we want to live in a peaceful and organized nation.
He also enjoined Christians to pray for the parliament as they make important decisions to make government easier and improve the standard of living, and he promised that they’ll continue to promote good governance to get past all the challenges Nigeria is plagued with. Lastly, he asked that they should not forget to pray for those at the helm of governance in the country, so they can make life-changing decisions that will better the situation of the citizens.
He said, “I heartily rejoice with Christians in Nigeria as they celebrate this annual festival of the birth of Jesus Christ. The life and teachings of Jesus Christ enjoin his followers through holy living to be the light and salt that make the world brighter and better for mankind.
“Jesus Christ also commanded his followers to love their neighbors just as they love themselves and to seek peace in society. Abiding by those great instructions is important for Christians everywhere and all of us in Nigeria as we seek to build a virile and happy nation.”
He also stated that “the National Assembly will continue to promote good governance so that we can overcome our development challenges and set our country firmly on the path of progress, peace, and unity.
“The ninth National Assembly has been working with the Executive Arm in the last three and a half years to improve service delivery by government and all its institutions, to raise the standard of living of Nigerians. In the true spirit of this August occasion, let us also remember to pray for divine guidance for those piloting the affairs of our country, Nigeria.”
John Mark, former Senate President of Nigeria, also felicitated with Christians on the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ. He advised religious leaders to ensure that they preach the tenets of peace, Love, and forgiveness to their followers and also educate them to look out for each other, as no man is an island of himself, we all need each other to survive.
Jesus Christ came to redeem mankind, preached the message of peace, love, forgiveness, and help for the needy”.
He urged the religious leaders to educate their followers on the need to be their brothers’ keepers at all times, pointing out that “nobody can live a life of loneliness or isolation. We need each other to make the world a better place,” he said.
It’s the season again, and in a bid to celebrate Christmas, we should not forget to pray for the country, which is bedeviled with all forms of ills, like Kidnapping, banditry, human trafficking, armed robbery, and so on. The country needs the intervention of God, as Nigeria is gradually losing its finest citizens to other countries due to these issues. Come 2023 Nigerians will make a crucial Decision as to who take will take up the affairs of this great nation and deliver Nigeria from what is plaguing it.
The citizens too can contribute to helping the nation get out of its state, by reporting every suspicious activity to the Necessary authorities, and also by desisting from every activity that is detrimental to the state. It is possible to have a crime-free Nigeria that is very peaceful, which will attract possible investors and tourists to the country, and also persuade brains and talents to remain in the country.

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