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APC, PDP Have  Nothing To Offer Osun

APC, PDP Have  Nothing To Offer Osun

Senator Rabiu Kwakwaso, the presidential flag-bearer of the People’s Party of New Nigeria, waved to the people of Osun state to vote his party to power in the July 16 gubernatorial election as the currently ruling All Progressive Party and People’s Democratic Party have failed to deliver.

He added that the NNPP aims to seize power in Nigeria in the 2023 elections, as the country’s two leading parties have failed miserably in their duties, and that it will start from the Osun state. He advised all his supporters in Osun State to vote for his party’s candidate for a better Osun. This speech was made by the Kwankwaso at Osogbo City Hall to garner support for their party’s candidate in Osun State.

He said: “The numerous members of our party are ready and determined to vote for our party’s nominee in the upcoming gubernatorial election.

“Our members want to see a new Nigeria from this state. Our party’s logo is well known, showing that Nigeria will be united under this party, regardless of anyone’s religion, ethnicity, or region in this country. Those who have yet to collect their PVCs should do so to vote for our party.

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“Failing to vote for our party, which will bring about positive change, allows these people to continue to rule our state governments and the national level. We all know that these two major parties have failed us and have nothing more to offer. Let’s pick them out, and that starts with this state.”

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