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Are Nigerians Docile?

Are Nigerians Docile?

Nigerians are docile! Nigerian leaders know the led are largely docile, hence they have a field day leading abysmally. With over 250 ethnic groups, over 500 languages, religiosity hitting the roof, and poverty rate increasing, Nigerian politicians have many options to use the divide and conquer. 

A usurper will naturally cling and protect his loots, any attempt to threaten him will be met with a brute force.

When a few members of the society attempt to rise against maladministration, the led use most of the conditioned zombies to discredit and repel the very minority of the society challenging the status quo.

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The frustrated and angry part of the society who do not have what it takes to question poor leadership through the legal means then look forward to every opportunity to get their pound of flesh through violent and illegal means. In fact, any means at all.

Sometimes in 2020, there was an attack on a bullion van at Ajah in a broad day light. The assailants had a field day. The same period, in the heat of the #EndSars protest, a nearby police station in that vicinity was attacked and razed by hoodlums. Guns and ammunitions were reportedly carted away. I am in no way justifying the criminal acts, no way! However, it is a vicious cycle and yes, the unprotected citizens may bear the brunt on the ills in the society and even pay the ultimate prize for it, but it will reach the well protected politicians too. It is just a matter of time.

It is hard to be a politician, enjoy the juicy but rare parts reserved for oligarchs, and remember that there are millions of the people living in abject poverty. 

Apart from being a conscientious and godly person, it takes primarily a good system that punishes erring persons appropriately and in time to give the people what they deserve. 

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The system, the supremacy and utmost respect for the rule of law make a working society. Bring the best leader in the world to lead a faulty system like Nigeria, the needle will not move.

Where do we even start from? Is it from voting people that cannot allow themselves to be tested through debates or to exporting crude, then refine and import? 

With the handwriting on the wall, the pump price of petrol will be increased further, almost 10 years after the subsidy removal protest, government is still paying hundreds of billions to subsidise petrol.

Our problems may need prayer, but we need to work first. Prayer is meant to bless work. Praying without working is useless.

What work are we putting into making sure that Nigeria works other than remaining in our docility and accept politicians to recycle themselves and wriggle their way into power after paying some of us to betray us.

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Poverty is the main problem in Nigerians. Once we have dealt with both the abject poverty such that the majority can afford 3 square meals a day, have a roof over their head and a regular income, and the poverty of the mind, our problems will dissipate. This is what our lazy and mediocre politicians fear. They know when the people eat well and are financially buoyant, they will not settle for less. They will not vote them because of a scoop of rice and N500 shared during elections.

One day, Nigerians will rise and wake up from their slumber. The day the Lagosians vote out the gigantic power bearers may just mark the day Nigerians will get their freedom.

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