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Aston Villa Boring to Watch Under Gerrad- Agbonlahor

Aston Villa Boring to Watch Under Gerrad- Agbonlahor

Gabby Agbonlahor, ex-Aston Villa captain has condemned Steve Gerrad, Villa’s manager style of playing, following their 2-0 loss to Chelsea on Tuesday night at the second leg of the champions league game.

According to Agbonlahor,  Aston Villa’s football is the least interesting thing to watch, as it goes without any direction or guidance and he also said that for the time being, he’ll no longer watch any of Villa”s matches since it’s boring.

He further berated Steve Gerrad’s style of playing, as it is not exciting, his strikers have failed to perform well. During his time in the club, he shared the field with the very best of players.

He also added that strikers in Aston Villa are slow and not calculative, as they cannot take on the opponent.

“I don’t want to watch Aston Villa play at the moment. I won’t go to Villa Park and watch them. It’s not entertaining,” Agbonlahor told talkSPORT Breakfast.

“The tactics Gerrard is trying to use at Aston Villa… get the ball out to Matty Cash and get crosses in.

“The strikers we’ve got are not going to get in front of defenders and get headers in.

“It’s very predictable and boring to watch. The two number 10s he played in the last game are not performing.

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“Jamie Carragher was spot on with [Philippe] Coutinho, he looks like a five-a-side player. I played with players who were the best in training.

“When it comes to a game when you open up the pitch they can’t run and can’t get past anyone.

“When I look at the Aston Villa team at the moment, no one can get the ball and take a player on.”

Aston Villa conceded to a 2-0 defeat by Chelsea in the Champions League games, after initially losing to Chelsea last week in the reverse Fixture of the Group stages of the UEFA champions league

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