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Best meals to serve at a Family gathering

Best meals to serve at a Family gathering

Every now and then, families gather to catch up and enjoy each others company. Family reunions are always what each family member look forward to. The highlight of family reunions are always the food. What’s a Nigerian gathering without food na? Good food!

  Now in order to impress members of your family, it’s important to have dishes that will make the reunion a memorable one.

Now permit me to suggest some foods that are a must serve at every family reunion. 

Fruit Salad

This is a dish consisting of different kinds of fruit. It serves as an appetizer and should be served first before the main meal.

A Rice Dish

What’s any Nigerian gathering without a rice dish? Some rice dish are: Jollof rice, Fried rice, Coconut rice, Rice and stew, Native jollof, just to mention a few.  Rice can be served with fried plantains, coleslaw, vegetable salads or anything you want. Also, there’s always that family member who doesn’t eat swallow that’d request for rice in every family gathering, you can’t miss it. Lol. 

A Traditional Dish

Abacha, a south east traditional food

These are foods of a particular tribe within a country. Every family has a tribe, and every tribe has a dish. Traditional meals aren’t necessarily swallow dishes, they are just food popularly eaten by a particular tribe. The adults go for this one more than the kids do. No family reunion is complete without a traditional dish. 


Desserts is a sweet dish that is eaten after a meal. Some Nigerian desserts are:

  • Puff puff
  • Chin chin
  • Meatpie… Just to mention a few. 

Make your family reunion memorable,  over feed them! Make them look forward to the next family reunion… Enjoy!

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