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Brad Pitt accused of abusing Angelina Jolie on a private plane.

Brad Pitt accused of abusing Angelina Jolie on a private plane.

In court documents, Angelina Jolie accuses her ex-husband Brad Pitt of beating her and their children while intoxicated while traveling on a private jet, which prompted her to file for divorce.

Ms. Jolie claims that Mr. Pitt seized her by the head and attacked two of their children on the 2016 vacation in a lawsuit over a French winery that the celebrities purchased.

She claims that Mr. Pitt verbally attacked and drunkenly poured beer on his family during the journey from France to Los Angeles. He disputes the charges.

The allegations of Mr. Pitt’s allegedly abusive behavior against Ms. Jolie on the flight of September 14, 2016, have been documented in earlier court documents, such as the divorce agreement of the Oscar-winning pair.

The FBI looked into the incident in 2016. Authorities made the decision not to file charges.

But Ms. Jolie’s legal team asserted new information in a petition on Tuesday in Los Angeles. It is a component of an ongoing legal battle over Chateau Miraval SA, a house and vineyard the former Hollywood couple bought jointly in the south of France.

According to Mr. Pitt, he and his ex-wife agreed not to sell their ownership interests in the venue without the consent of the other.

Ms. Jolie rejects this and accuses Mr. Pitt of putting a stop to talks to buy her interests in the property.

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Aboard Tuesday, she filed a cross-complaint alleging that the actor had abused her and their six children, who were on a private plane and were then ages 8 to 15, both physically and emotionally.

The Fight Club star allegedly shouted at her and accused her of being “too subservient to the youngsters,” according to her attorneys.

A judge granted the parents joint custody of the kids last year.

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