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Cheat Codes (pleasure spots)

Cheat Codes (pleasure spots)

Tell me what will pleasure you



To give sexual enjoyment or satisfaction.

There’s more to sex than just the regular friction movement. Intimacy, eye contact, sexual pleasure and knowing your partner’s pleasure spots are keys to a healthier sex life. 

When things are heating up between you and your partner, there are a few obvious places you want them to hit. Your pleasure spots – everyone has them.

Pleasure spots are erogenous zones in the body. 

An erogenous zone is anywhere on the body that has a heightened sensitivity and can elicit a sexual response when stimulated. While foreplay is considered as the key to turn on your lady, knowing some pressure points can help her in reaching that orgasmic state.

“Do you like this?”  Toby asked me as he tilted my neck and licked the skin behind my ear down to the nape of my neck. I moaned, not out of pleasure but of pain when he proceeded to suck harder and bit me. probably in an attempt to leave a hickey (love bite).

“Mmm uhmmm oo-oo,” I kept moaning, even a child could hear the unoriginality and the sarcasm hidden beneath the moans.

“Why are you acting off babe?”  Toby asked, looking confused. “Every woman I know likes to be licked and touched there, but you don’t seem like you enjoy it,” he stated.

Hmm…. How do I explain this? I pondered as I recalled how my ex, Deji, used to suck my nipples during foreplay. 

While you may think you know all there is to know about the female body, there is a high chance you haven’t experimented with some of these erogenous zones:

Nape of the neck

Though some people might get all “ewww” about having their neck touched like I did in the illustration above, neck kisses are almost always a turn-on. Start with the sides of the neck, kissing or gently brushing it with your fingers – It’s quite a turn on.

The ear lobe

The sexiest part of the ear is the lobe. To make the most of the ears’ erotic potential, sensually tickling the edge of your partner’s ear with your finger.


Might sound strange but for a lot of women, playing with their hair works wonders. That’s because the nerves on their scalp are known to heighten arousal. Precisely why hair-play is so important during sex – from grabbing hair to pulling them a little, it’s all amazing!

But, pleaseee don’t grab her newly plaited braids ooo. 

Inner thighs

This one is a given simply because of the proximity of this area to a woman’s genitals. It’s a super-sensitive region, perfect to tease her a little as part of the foreplay. 


Breasts are considered as one of the best parts that can easily get a woman turned on. 

When you caress a woman’s breasts, her body releases the feel-good hormone, Oxytocin. Touch gently on her breasts and seduce her to the core. Indulging in touching, fondling and sucking the bosoms helps her reach orgasm, faster. 


This is THE MOST erogenous part of a woman’s body. If you’ve found this, you’ve found heaven. The only problem? Most men are still searching for it!


The area just above the vagina is called mons. Caressing that sensitive part can help her reach orgasm. Use your hands or your tongue and let her experience the sensual pleasure.

The Labia minora (Inner lips

When we think of the vulva and erogenous zones in that area, our brain tends to go straight to the money spot; the clitoris. While that’s definitely a place to get to know—and trigger many clitoral orgasms—it’s not the only place in that region worth noting. 

To target the inner lips specifically, put your fingers in a peace sign and with lots of lube and slide them up and down on the inside of the outer lips and around the inner lips.       This area is highly sensitive even as far as highly sensitive areas go, so don’t stimulate without plenty of lubrication (natural or otherwise).

The butt cheeks 

If you’ve explored anal play and found it’s not for you, that doesn’t mean that butt play—as in your actual cheeks—is off limits.

A lot of people find having their butt played with, spanked, massaged, or simply just given a little extra attention really exciting. 

But, uncle/aunty small small ooo. There is a difference between spanking and beating. Just saying! 

The nipples 

Wait! You thought I was going to end this article without including the greatest Nips?

Although nipple sensitivity differs from person to person, there’s no doubt that when it comes to erogenous zones, they’re high up there on the list. Nipples are sensitive on all bodies, some more than others, but worth playing with to find out if it drives your lover or yourself wild.

Because the nerves can differ, especially during a menstrual cycle or pregnancy, it’s important to communicate with your partner about what feels good and what doesn’t. While some people love to have their nipple pinched and twisted, others are content with just a gentle graze or lick.

Knowing these zones/spots is just like having a cheat code for easier access. Also, knowing the spots helps to boosts the pleasure and helps you connect to your partner in an amazing way. 

It is also important to note that, not all of these erogenous zones might work like hot spots for every woman. People are different and can have different quirks.

In a follow up article, find out the top pleasure spots in a man. 

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