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China Former president led away from China Party Congress

China Former president led away from China Party Congress

Former Chinese President Hu Jintao was escorted out of the Communist Party Congress’s closing ceremony.

The elderly, 79-year-old man was being dragged away by officials when he was seated next to President Xi Jinping. No justification was offered.

The party is anticipated to affirm Mr. Xi, 69, for a historic third term following its week-long session.

His status as China’s most powerful leader since Mao Zedong was solidified at the ceremony, which takes place in Beijing every five years.

Two officials approached Hu Jintao, who served as president from 2003 to 2013. He was on stage at the time. He addressed Xi Jinping, who responded with a nod.

The Great Hall of the People was then exited with Mr. Hu in tow.

the video of Mr. Hu being asked to leave the stage is receiving attention from all across the world as people try to figure out what happened.

The Chinese government has not yet responded to many of the queries that have been raised.

The Central Committee, which consists of 205 senior party officials, was chosen earlier on Saturday. Delegates gave their unanimous approval to changes to the party constitution that support Mr. Xi’s ideals as the fundamental principles for China’s development.

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He praised the crushing of the pro-democracy movement in Hong Kong as a transition from “chaos to governance” in his opening remarks at the Congress last Sunday. He also underlined China’s legal authority to occupy Taiwan with force.

Currently, Mr. Xi holds the office of president, commander of the armed forces, and general secretary of the Communist Party. He is also known as the Supreme or Paramount leader.

He is anticipated to announce his new leadership group and receive formal confirmation for a third term as general secretary on Sunday.

He eliminated the two-term presidential term restriction in 2018, making it possible for him to rule indefinitely.

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