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China sets a new daily record for COVID-19 cases amidst protests.

China sets a new daily record for COVID-19 cases amidst protests.

The National Health Commission announced on Monday that China reported 40,347 new COVID-19 infections on November 27, the fifth consecutive daily record, of which 3,822 were symptomatic and 36,525 were asymptomatic.

Comparatively, China reported 3,709 symptomatic and 36,082 asymptomatic illnesses, totaling 39,791 new cases a day earlier.

China reported 40,052 new local cases, up from 39,506 the day before, of which 3,748 were symptomatic and 36,304 were asymptomatic, exclusive of imported illnesses.

There were no fatalities compared to one the day before, keeping the total number of fatalities at 5,233. As of November 27, 311,624 verified cases in mainland China displayed symptoms.

As protests against China’s tight COVID regulations expanded to other cities, infections increased as hundreds of protesters and police engaged in violent altercations in Shanghai on Sunday night.

With thousands of cases, the megacities of Guangzhou and Chongqing are still trying to control outbreaks, and on Sunday, hundreds of infections were reported in several other cities around the nation.

According to local government data, the Chinese capital Beijing reported 840 symptomatic and 3,048 asymptomatic cases on Sunday, up from 747 symptomatic and 3,560 asymptomatic cases the day before.

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According to the local health authorities, the financial center Shanghai recorded 16 symptomatic cases and 128 asymptomatic cases, up from 11 symptomatic instances and 119 asymptomatic cases the day before.

Local authorities in Guangzhou, a city in the south with a population of over 19 million, reported 199 new locally transmitted symptomatic and 7,166 asymptomatic cases, up from 146 symptomatic and 7,266 asymptomatic cases the day before.

Local government officials in Chongqing reported 238 new symptomatic locally transmitted COVID-19 infections and 9,447 asymptomatic cases, up from 194 symptomatic and 8,667 asymptomatic cases the day before.

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